Sep 12, 2008

Welcome to The Money Quest Blog

"People work so hard for their money that it often comes as a surprise to them that it can also work for them."

-Patricia Jennerjohn

OUR financial health is as important as our physical health. We need to manage our finances in the same organized and planned way as CFOs manage corporate finance. However, our education system neglects to teach us anything about money management. Elementary math’s learnt in high school is not enough for someone to prepare for real world personal finance. Furthermore, rather than properly educating the consumers, financial services industry-–due to vested interests--is creating more misinformation which is reinforced by the media.

Due to lack of awareness, most of us spend more time planning our vacations rather than our finances. Despite a plethora of information on personal finance, most of us are still clueless about how to manage our money. Therefore, this blog is for everyone who is interested in improving his financial well being.The mission of this blog is

"To create financial awareness so that you are able to manage your finances on your own by taking informed decisions because, ultimately, you are responsible for your own financial health".

To this end, this blog will attempt to achieve three main goals:

Create financial literacy
By creating awareness and busting/shattering the myths about personal finance, it will be my endeavour to encourage you to develop constructive financial behaviour and to get your financial lives in order.

Provide quality content
In this information era, there is too much information overload and most of it is just hogwash. Therefore, this blog will attempt to provide quality rather than the quantity, without creating any further noise. To achieve this, I’ve decided to post, only relevant information in a simple and concise manner, twice a week.

Strike a balance between your money & your life
Furthermore, holistic financial planning isn’t just about finances; it isn’t only about number crunching or chasing some unknown numbers. It’s also about search for meaning. Holistic financial planning mindset requires blending life planning and financial planning, understanding human dynamics so as to integrate human side and money side. It involves prudent money management, but it’s also about improving the quality of life and understanding the ultimate purpose of money. Some think that money is the root of all evil. Another extreme view is that money is everything and pursuit of material comforts leads to happiness. But the reality is that we can always strike a balance between money and life and live meaningful and purposeful lives.

At the outset, I would also like to inform you that I also intend to earn few bucks – so that my wife doesn’t feel that I am wasting my time - through advertisements and affiliate programs, but without compromising the goals.

Finally, there’s an old saying

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

So, this blog will teach you how to fish. I promise you that this fishing expedition is going to be fun-filled, exciting and definitely going to improve your M.Q. (Money Quotient). Stay tuned. From next post, we’ll go fishing.

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  1. Nandhan SPMay 28, 2009

    One of my friend sent me the link of yours today and its a excellent one..
    thanks for this blog/information on it and just keep going.

  2. Hi Nandhan! Thanks for the nice words.

  3. HiFisher,

    I am much thankful for building up this blog.
    I have explained about this blog to my father and he has shown a great keen interest in following this blog.


  4. AnonymousJuly 29, 2009

    Hi. I think you have a great section on the housing loan benefits. I had been searching several websites to understand the interest benefit that I can get on my home loan. After reading all other websites, I had reached the conclusion that the maximum benefit that I could get was upto 1.5 lacs per annum. However your blog seems to suggest that the benefit I can claim can exceed 1.5 lacs and can be the interest actually paid for the year. Kindly confirm. The facts of the case are as follows -The loan was availed in Nov 2005 from HDFC to buy a flat in Uttar Pradesh. The flat was registered in Dec 2008 and has never been let out. The flat is the only one I own. I work in Mumbai and stay there in rented accomodation.

  5. Kindly put your question in the comment section of the relevant post and you will get the answer.

    The relevant post is "Housing Loan Tax Benefits - Section 80C vs Section 24b".

  6. First off all a Big Thanks,was thinking to buy L&T finance NCDs,was searching many sites but couldnot get proper information,thanks to google i could reach your blog and i found exactly what i wanted.the 10 FAQs,comparison etc are really useful.i have also sent this link to my friends.thanks and keep going with.
    ALL the Best.
    m now ready to buy L&T NCDs,but i need some more information like i use as my brokerage firm how to sell the NCDs if i need money?pls help

  7. Saipavan, thanks for the nice feedback!

    Your question about selling NCDs has been already answered by me yesterday. Please see the comment section of the post: NCDs - Top 10 FAQs.

  8. Hi Fisher,

    I have been following your blog for some time now and I believe you are doing a great job in giving "practical" financial knowldge to the common man. Your unbiased and well reserached material is truly commendable!

    Your posts reflect diligence and sincerity that you must be putting in to creating them.

    I must congratulate you for the wonderful work you have started and wish the very best in your quest!

  9. Gaurav: Many thanks - I feel honored!

  10. Hi Fisher,

    Where are you? Missing your articles.
    Here's one to get you out of your reverie ;-)
    what's the impact of the DTC?



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