May 2, 2009

Money Teaser (#1): Which is the most important Insurance Cover you require?

From time to time, I’ll be asking you a few money teasers to allow you to actively participate in the discussion and debate on the money matters by putting forth your personal views.

Here is the first money teaser:

Which is the most important insurance cover you require? Why?

In my earlier post -- Term Plans: The Most Amazing Fact about Life Insurance, I’ve pointed out the importance & significance of term insurance plans. However, there is an insurance cover which is even more important than pure-risk life insurance cover.

Now, I would like you to answer: Which is that insurance cover and why is it more important than a life cover? The best two or three answers will get a special mention on this blog. So, start airing your thoughts in the comment section by answering this question. Best of luck!

UPDATE (20 June 2009): There was only one answer to this money teaser which was incorrect. For correct answer, check out: 5 Common Myths about Life Insurance.

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  1. Dear Fisher

    I believe a Health insurance cover is a must. Equally important is a Disability benefits cover (- a rider to life cover?).

    Can't really explain well why these are important!. Also I am not so sure if they are more than a life cover, as well. I would put all these more or less at the same level.


  2. Joe,

    Yours was the only answer. Sorry, you could not make it. Anyhow, thanks for trying.


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