Dec 2, 2009

Money Teaser # 2

Photo by Striatic

Now that I’ve written extensively on life insurance, let’s test your understanding about it.

Here’s a short Quiz about life insurance:

Think out of the Box!!

Q-1: Which is the best tax-saving option under section 80C?

Q-2: What is the sole purpose of life insurance?

Q-3: How can you maximize returns from your life insurance policies?

Q-4: What’s the difference between IRDA & Life Insurance Council?

Q-5: Sorry, deleted

Please take a pause before answering. Answers to the riddle will be published in another post.

P.S. Subject of personal finance is a bit boring. So, this is an attempt to enliven it.

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  2. Sorry Anonymous, I had to delete your comment due to some technical reasons. Anyway, it was a nice attempt.


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