Jan 1, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions for 2010

Photo by m.a.r.c.

I’ve never made any New Year resolutions before. What’s the point of making a resolution when I know I would break it for sure? But I thought why not give it a try this time. So, after a lot of deliberation, I’ve come up with a few ideas.

Here’s what I’ve resolved to do in 2010:

UPDATE (3O Jan, 2010): Sorry, i'm deleting resolution number 1 & 2.

3. Buy myself a new cell phone: I really love my 6-yr old Nokia 1100. It serves the basic purpose of a phone i.e., to make and receive calls. Besides, it’s too strong (can be handled roughly); there’s no risk of theft; and using it also goes with the concept of avoiding waste and becoming environment friendly.

Then, what’s the need for a change? Actually, it’s very embarrassing to take it out of my pocket in front of others. Moreover, when people are changing cell phones regularly like diapers, why should I be left behind? After all, it’s a matter of social status.

4. Say goodbye to natural foods: Instead I’ll start consuming more of packaged and fast foods such as

i. Breakfast cereal (Kellogg’s Corn Flakes)
ii. Energy drinks (Boost, Maltova, Horlicks, Bournvita)
iii. Soft drinks (Pepsi, Diet Coke, Mirinda)
iv. Bottled water (Bisleri, Acqufina, Kinley)
v. Packaged fruit juices (Real, Tropicana, Maaza)
vi. Biscuits (Parle G [must be quite good for children when Aamir is endorsing it], Tiger, Good Day, Milk Bikis)
vii. Ready-to-eat foods (Maggi noodles, Kissan Tomato Soup, Amulya Dairy Whitener)
viii. Snacks (Kurkure, Crax, Lays, Bingo, Uncle Chipps)
ix. Fast Food (McDonald’s Pizza & Domino’s Burger)

There are hundreds of other such tempting foods available in the market. Why unnecessary resist the temptation to eat HEALTHY & FRESH foods?

What’s the benefit? Very simple – Health Bhi Aur Taste Bhi! And on top of it – Time saving.

5. Stop planning about my personal finances: Why? Actually it is too time consuming and not worth the effort (a sheer waste of time!). Moreover, there are no proven benefits. Ad-hoc approach seems to be the best. This would help save a lot of my precious time which can be better spent on some real fun such as watching TV (reality shows, masala news, cricket matches etc) and visiting shopping malls.

By following these resolutions I’m sure to make a positive contribution towards my physical health as well as my financial health. There are so many other changes I would like to see in my life, but let’s leave them for the next year.

Wish me a Good Luck!

By the way, have you made your resolutions? My only advice to you is to change the strategy this time and make some tempting resolutions like mine so that this time you can fulfill the promise you made to yourself.

Happy New Year!!

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  1. Hey,

    That was funny yet educative... All your blogs carry some educating message...y should new year be any different!! :)
    Wish You a very Happy New Year! Keep Blogging...We need more of these posts to help us plan our finances better!

  2. Sarcasm and wit combined with deadly effect..


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  5. Nice sketch there with a neat piece laced with sweet sarcasm. The sketch reminds me of the movie... Bruce Almighty :)

    - Abitha

  6. Hey , I came across your blog today but one thing I found really annoying is you write some thing and delete a part of it . If you need to delete some thing please remove it entirely so that a new reader does not feel something is missing .


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